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The New Girl.  Sketchbook, October 2014.


What you didn’t know is Kanye West is a co-writer and co-producer of You Don’t Know My Name.This IS my favorite song. Back in the day when I used to like Alicia Key’s music…back when she had SOUL now she just got soul…Throwback..I was in like 5th grade lol 


still haven’t received a response 😔


Haven’t worn these in a minute, I forgot how comfy they are.


Kate Petley - Murmur (2014)



Look at Bey in the back thooo. 

reblogging again cause i’m listening to kanye now and their dancing goes with the beat, whaaaat


(please note: this post does not apply to people who acquired aave as a native language; people who natively speak aave are subject to whatever their community deems is appropriate and I can’t speak to or for those individuals or their communities. this post targets people who…

Yall be fucking up sometimes