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This is not the personal intent of this page because it not geared  towards fashion knowledge. Thus i do find this image to be very moving and i believe that its message should be heard  since we are also in the month of black history.


Between the years of 1882 and 1968 4,743 people were lynched on American soil-3,446 of them where African American.The women above is Laura Nelson who was hung on a bridge over the North Canadian River along side her 15 yr old son, Lawrence Nelson. The pictures of the lynchings where later sold as postcards. 

This is your America.
This is why I am against whitewashing.
This is why I am anti racist/ism and loud about it.
This is why I will call out every racist joke I hear as blaspheme.
This is why I don’t say Nigga.
This is why I am proud of every drop of African blood in my body being.
This is why I wear my Afro proud.
This is why I don’t bleach my skin.
This is why I don’t celebrate Fourth of July.
This is why I don’t praise this country as any land of the “free”(you know who is free and has freedom, it is not us).
This is why I have educated myself so I may be prepared for any incorrect statement you may try to use to excuse or validate this mess of a system.

THIS is why I cannot and WILL NOT say the n-word. This is why I strive for excellence in every aspect of my life. I owe my ancestors everything. 

Real tears. THIS is why I devote my life to improving, in any way I can, the well-being of people of my race and culture as we have been and still are disproportionately affected by disparities left, right, and center. This is why I strive to be the best person I can be…because people suffered and were tortured before me. This needs to be on my page, because it is a reminder that we have to keep pushing for a better world. It’s the least we can do.

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